Breva Spruce Top

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Breva Spruce Top

The way the instrument is braced and scalloped with double compound radius of soundboard and back (as mentioned in construction and materials).  This guitar vibrates with intensity, you will not want to put it down.

The Breva is built with a dovetail or bolt on neck joint which ever is preferable. Through my experience with both joints, I find one is not superior to the other.  Although the bolt on neck has many advantages as to the dovetail - due to repair and refrets.

I have designed my own bolt on system that is different to other makers resulting in stability and strength without twisting or cupping of the neck also state of the art truss rod system.  A simple 5mm high tensile single rod that keeps the neck strong and light with minimum wood loss.

So if you want an all round guitar that projects volume, is even throughout the whole sound range, crisp and clear with every single note then this is it!