Blue Angel Electric Guitar, Berketa Guitars

Top -- Australian Mango
Back -- Queensland maple
Neck -- Three piece birds eye maple
Fret board -- Ebony
Schaller machine heads and tremelo
Pick ups -- Dimarzio

Blue Angle Fat Boy Fleetwood Riff


The Blue Angel will take your guitar playing to the outer limits.

Over the last several years Phil’s input has been outstanding, the B/A has been tweaked and upgraded to a point where it doesn’t get any better than this. Switching configuration same as the Fleetwood with an extra toggle switch to split neck pick-up.

PHIL EMMANUEL on the BLUE ANGEL Blue Angel electric guitar headstock

Also fitted to all tremelo’s is the new graph tech nut, microscopic lubricants release under string movement and is more slippery than graphite, the strings roll back into tune. No more need to have ugly, bulky looking metal nut locks. While on the subject of tremelos as I have mentioned before these are the best around. When changing string gauge you don’t have to change spring tension it’s done automatically because of the unique fulcrum, is self- adjusting and stays in tune.

Phil Emmanuel talking about Berketa Guitars = >>>

Berketa Blue Angel

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Blue Angel

The Berketa B/A delivers every classic guitar sound from creamy Les Paul Gibson to Fat Strat to Gretch Big Bodies to Telecaster, plus its own unique range of sounds. Schaller and Spertzel ‘Trimlock’ machine heads ensure accurate stable tuning no matter how the instrument is abused and the tremelo is just unbelievable. A 25 1/2" scale –22fret fingerboard is effortless to play even using 11-52 strings.



You’ve done it again!

New Album Phil_Emmanuel's DVD Video track from DVD :
Phil Emmanul playing Albatros by Peter Green Phil Emmanul playing Albatros